Learn How To Have A Huge Balloon Arch Created For The Finish Line Of Your Fundraiser Race

Posted on: 8 November 2017

When planning a large fundraiser run, it is important to make sure that the finish line is as decorated as it can be. A great way to decorate the finish line is to have a large balloon arch created for the racers to run through as they finish the race. The guide below walks you through the steps to take to ensure that you have the best arch created that you can.

Determine How Wide the Arch Needs to Be

When having an arch created, the balloon artists will need to know how wide it will need to be. Take measurements of the finish line to determine where you want the bottom of each side of the arch to be located.

Determine How Tall You Want the Arch to Be

You want the arch to be tall enough for it to be a few feet over the tallest racers head to ensure that no one runs into it when they finish the race. The balloon artist will be able to let you know the shortest height the arch can be in order to get the distance that you want between the bases of the arch. You can then decide if you want it to be that short, or if you would like it to be taller.

Determine What Color Balloons You Want Used

Many people choose to have multiple colors of balloons used to create the arch. If your fundraiser has specific colors on the fliers or the shirts that the runners will be wearing, you may want to match the colors in the arch to those colors so that you can create a uniform look. If you are on a budget, it is important to realize that the balloon artist may charge you extra for each varying color of balloon that you choose. Be sure to determine how much you can afford to pay for the arch before allowing them to add more colors than you can afford.

Once the arch is complete, the balloon artist should be able to deliver it to the race location. They will be able to help you secure it so that it does not blow away on race day. You may be able to rent weighted bases for the legs of the arch so that the arch will not move from its spot regardless how windy it gets on the actual day of the race. When the race is over, you will be responsible for disposing of the arch, not the balloon artist.

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