Model Trains: 4 Accessories Ideal For Recreating Connecticut Train Tracks

Posted on: 13 June 2016

When designing a model train area, there are many ways you can plan out the custom tracks and features. Along with creating your own unique world, you can mix in elements from the real world. The state of Connecticut is filled with a lot of train history and you can use some these designs as you plan out your own tracks. The following four accessories match the scenery, designs, and elements found in Connecticut and can easily infuse into your own track designs.

Dining Cars

When building your trains, add a little of Connecticut by including dining cars with the design. Dining cars have been used on several Connecticut railroads, including the Valley Railroad that was built in the 1800s. Many dinner trains still operate in Connecticut today, offering passengers a scenic ride as the train travels down the tracks and serves up gourmet dinners. When purchasing dining cars, you can see small details inside including the tables, booths, and serving areas.

Truss Bridges

Connecticut is filled with many large rivers that train tracks must travel over. The Connecticut River, Thames River, and Quinebaug River are just a few areas where railroad bridges are located. The tracks that go over these rivers are typically truss bridge designs. You can purchase truss bridges for your railroad tracks. These bridges feature large support systems on each side that are made to handle the weight of a train. The truss bridges typically have a silver finish to them, but you can purchase model designs with a variety of colors including black, green, and dark blue.

Red Maple Trees

As you plan the scenery around a railroad track, you can look to Connecticut for some of its beautiful scenery and natural tree growth. One of the most common trees found in Connecticut is the red maple tree. These trees can be placed around your railroad to infuse the look of Connecticut. Connecticut is also known for their beautiful autumns. You can purchase model trees with leaves in a variety of fall colors to help add a seasonal look to your tracks.

Colonial Homes

Along with trees, one of the most common homes found in Connecticut is the colonial house. These historic looking homes feature a rectangular shape and symmetrical design that can create some classic looks for your model design. The model homes can be purchased in a variety of colors and feature small details like American flags or painted shutters. It represents a classic Connecticut and all of the history that the state represents.

By infusing all of these ideas together, you can have a train model design that truly captures the essence of Connecticut. For more information on model trains, check with places like Ann's Hobby Center.