Three Easy Ways To Customize Drapes

Posted on: 6 June 2016

Many people think that creating a customized look in a rental property is difficult to do because there are so many limitations on the changes that you can make in the space. You can use the draperies that you hang in the area as a creative way to express yourself. The guide below walks you through a few ways to truly customize draperies to show off your unique style.

Add Ribbon to the Drapes

You can update the look of any drapes by simply adding some ribbon to the top, bottom, or both areas of the drapes. Lay out the ribbon that you want to add to the drape directly next to the area of the curtain where you want the ribbon to be adhered. Spray the ribbon with spray adhesive and then flip the sprayed side directly onto the drapes. Smooth out the ribbon and press firmly to adhere the ribbon to the drapes.

Paint the Drapes

You can paint on drapes the same way that you would paint on a canvas, if you are an artistic individual, as well. You could pull a curtain around an easel and clip the ends together with chip clips to hold the curtain into place. Place the canvas on an easel and then paint whatever image you want onto the drape. Allow the paint to dry completely and then hang the curtain anywhere you want in your home. It is important to know that the curtain will not be machine washable after you paint it because the paint will be damaged when you place the drape in the washer.

Draw on the Drapes

Consider allowing your children to decorate their curtains by drawing on them with permanent markers to create the exact look they want in their space. Allow your child to draw or write whatever will make them feel the most comfortable when they see the curtain hanging in their room. When your child gets older, you can cut out portions of the curtain and frame them so that you can keep the beautiful artwork they created forever.

All of these drapery customizations take very little time to complete and are very affordable. They allow you to express yourself in your rental property without causing any major changes to the space. When you walk into the house after hanging the customized drapes, your house will feel more like your home and less like a property that you are simply renting temporarily. Companies that sell houseware supplies can provide more information and ideas.